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    Milwaukee, WI 53215
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Why do our customers appreciate working with us?

We've excelled for decades. The development of reliable practices takes time and effort. Our story begins in 1966 and follows the leading edge of new technologies through 2003 when the Color Direct brand was coined. During that time we discovered the key to long-term success in the print industry: getting it right the first time. When properly implemented, standards and procedures to get  a good start pay off for our customers in consistent parts, true color, and on-time delivery.

We understand what this means to you. Crisp imagery, accurate color matching, solid contruction, and perfect cutting deliver what you're looking for the most: impact for your viewers.Since the culture at Color Direct is to build preference for our work, and since your reputation is on the line with ours, we're all about making you look great. New opportunities for you mean additional opportunities for us to deliver value. That's why we're in the game.

We reinvest in our organization. Because of the speed of change in digital printing technology, organizations who don't reinvest in systems, equipment, and talented people get left behind. The truth is that technology roots out inefficiency. What it delivers to our customers is higher quality, shorter turnaround, and lower cost from reduced manufacturing waste. Color Direct's preemptive reinvestment strategy helps you get ahead of inefficiencies and delivers the latest in high-quality digital imaging and finishing.

We take industry competence seriously. Software, procedures, maintenance standards, and a knowledge of emerging technology all work together at Color Direct to faithfully reproduce the intentions of designers and meet the expectations of your stakeholders. As the science of digital imagery continually improves, Color Direct will help you capture the benefits. It's your job to dream; it's our job to make your dreams a reality by maintaining the organizational knowledge that will help you compete at the highest levels.

Our standard is absolute integrity. The time-tested qualities of honesty, respect for people, straight talk, and fair dealing are fundamental to the way we do business. Our customers enjoy carefully-delineated quotes, the character of the people they speak with, the fact that we produce to spec and take no shortcuts in production, and that we stand behind our work. Integrity is our commitment to you. We know you expect nothing less.